Open Mould – Spray up


Spray-up or chopper gun moulding is an open-moulding composites production process where resin and reinforcements are sprayed onto a mould. The resin and glass may be applied separately or simultaneously “chopped” in a combined stream from a chopper gun. A skilled operator is required to ensure correct application of glass to mould. The spray up laminate is then consolidated by hand to achieve a homogeneous laminated surface. Several layers of chopped material or specialised reinforcements can be added to the laminate depending upon the requirements of the application.

Spray up moulding is very effective in the production of complex shapes and there are virtually no restrictions on the size of part that can be produced.
Other benefits of the spray up process include:
• Process flexibility
• Low tooling costs
• Lower cost than hand lay-up
• Lower resin to glass ratio can be achieved giving stronger parts
• Speed of laminating is increased so parts can be demoulded quicker 3-4 times per shift
• (100 – 200 parts per month)
• Ideal process for the production of low-to-medium volume parts

Profibre produces a wide variety of parts using the spray up process for the following industries:
• Automotive and trucking industry
• Public transportation
• Industrial and manufacturing

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