Designing and manufacturing moulds are one of the keys to quality GRP production. Profibre has accumulated unique knowledge and expertise in this field through 20 years of producing GRP parts. Our systems, procedures and know-how for mould design and manufacturing ensures that moulds are manufactured to exacting standards to ensure that parts are accurate and repeatable throughout the parts life-cycle.

Attention to detail in the mould manufacturing process ensures that minimal maintenance is required during the product life-cycle. This in turn leads to better quality and more reliable part production. All mould design and manufacturing take into account the most cost effective manufacturing methods ensuring cost effective parts to our customers.

We innovate the process by use of our own internally devised methods for more efficient quality parts combining various processes of spray up and compression moulding where suitable leading to stronger more efficient and better part quality.

Preventive Maintenance
Every production part is a mirror image of the mould in which it was created. The technology behind designing, building and maintaining these moulds is, therefore, crucial to the quality of the finished parts. It is imperative that good mould maintenance is performed during the mould life to ensure part quality and to ensure optimal mould life. As with the moulds, other production equipment influence quality and delivery and regular preventive maintenance is performed to ensure reliability, quality and safety is achieved in all our operations.

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