Vision & Values


We deliver customer satisfaction
First and foremost is our commitment to our customers. Satisfied customers are key to the success of our business. Intensive customer care, including committed relationships with the people in our markets, is one of our great strengths. In a wider context our colleagues are also our customers. We treat them with the same respect and courtesy as we do our customers and deliver the same outstanding service. The same rules apply internally and externally. Our relationships with our customers are characterised by continuity, reliability and trust. We strive to make our customers ambassadors of our company and its brand image.

We strive to be the best
We adopt and embrace lean manufacturing to provide excellent value and through this process we strive to be the best in whatever we do. We work to identify and eliminate errors and all types of waste, to complete each task well and to keep our workplaces clean and tidy. We adopt best practices. Through this culture of continuous improvement every employee is offered the opportunity to develop their skills and reach their full potential

We provide innovative solutions
We add value by providing innovative solutions in design, processes, people, systems and the technologies we employ, in all aspects of our business and relationships with our customers. We recognise and focus on essentials and have the will and the wit to find the best solutions. We share ideas to find the best solutions and through our spirit of teamwork we succeed.

We provide stakeholder value
We believe in providing above average returns to all stakeholders in our business which include, but are not limited to customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and Government. We provide excellent value to customers which provides above average returns for our employees, shareholders and suppliers through consistent growth and profitability.

We believe in integrity & respect
We operate a legitimate enterprise and will therefore respect all applicable laws of our country. Our values underpin our behaviour. They take precedence over mere self interest and we are committed to actively living them. Each one of us strives to behave in an exemplary fashion in relationships with customers, colleagues and suppliers. Our focus is on achieving our goals. We agree clear performance targets, which are aligned with the company’s own business goals. We respect the rights and dignity of all people and will, therefore, treat them with respect regardless of race, gender, political or religious beliefs. We cultivate a respectful and equitable working environment for all. We will, at all times, respect and look after the physical environment in which we operate.


Halifax Business Park,

22 Halifax Road,

New Germany,

Durban, South Africa.

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Profibre (PTY) Ltd